I started building and designing in 1997 after rediscovering LEGO 9v Trains! I was an instant convert and soon after abandoning N-gauge for L-gauge, I co-founded PNLTC, one of the first LEGO train clubs in North America. In 2001 BricWorx was my first LEGO related businesses where we designed and sold custom trains and train instructions. My most proud moment was in 2007 as part of the design team of the LEGO Hobby Train set #10183. Since 1997 I have experienced many train shows, conventions, workshops, and exhibitions all over the world and this hobby seems to transcend language and culture. My favorite part is all the people I have met and long lasting friends I have made. Running the three BrickFest PDX’s has left me with lifelong friends!

In 2012 I decided to start altBricks. altBricks is a company dedicated to extend the building element assortment with bulk quantities at affordable prices. I started by selling leaf elements in alternative colors. The Fall and Summer colors sell insanely! I will continue to innovate with new colors but now it is time to offer new elements that will propel this hobby to the next level.