Here are the instructions for the Green Bonsai Tree:
Green Bonsai Ttree Instructions PDF

  • Steve’s Flatbed Train Car

    Steve’s Flatbed Train Car

    I've been into rare colors forever... and I'm really leaning toward hiding most studs. This flatbed has some really...

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  • Mega Watts Factory

    Mega Watts Factory

    This is a building that I copied form the Woodland Scenics model of the same name.  I really loved this...

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  • Tree Instructions

    Tree Instructions

    altBricks tree Instructions...

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  • Bonsai Tree Instructions

    Bonsai Tree Instructions

    Click the file name to download printable version Bonsai Tree instructions.pdf...

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  • Bridge Kit Instructions

    Bridge Kit Instructions

    Bridge Kit Instructions: Page 1, Page 2, & Page 3...

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