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Our Philosophy

altBricks is a vendor of custom alternate Bricks & elements since 2012.  We are committed to bring high quality new and alternative elements in bulk quantities at bulk prices to LEGO fans. Our goal is to enable kids and AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) to build dioramas from small vignettes to large scale displays! NOTE: altBricks manufactures all the elements for sale on this web site unless noted.

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Spring 2020 is a great time to build a tree!

altBricks is glad to welcome you to our web site! We hope that you enjoy your shopping on our site.  Check out our custom Leaves and Architecture elements!

about us

altBricks started in 2012 selling Fall color leaves.  We expanded the product line to carry more leaf colors; summer, winter, spring… We also found the folks at Brick Conventions love “kits”, so we created the tree kits for each of the leaf categories.

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