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altBricks is a vendor of alternate plastic Brick elements. We are committed to bring new and alternative elements in bulk quantities at bulk prices. Our goal is to support AFOLs by enabling the building of diorama scenes form vignette to large scale displays.

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We are both happy and sad to report that altBricks is nearly sold out of all leaves and trees. We should be restocking shortly (1-2 weeks) and will have all of the favorite products plus a few new ones, including the KICKSTARTER project for Printed Street signs! Thanks everyone for two great years and over 600 orders filled!!!

NEW Pink and White Mix pack (100 count)

IT'S  BACK... 

NEW CHERRY BLOSSOM TREE KIT (with white and pink leaves) are Back in stock!


altBricks has 8 new elements:

  • Train Coupler: Clip & Cylinder - Gray (10 count)
  • Tree Kit - Cherry Blossom (1 count)
    Mixed Plant Leaves - "Blossom" colors (60 + 200 count)
    Plant Leaves - Pink (100 count)
  • Tree Kit - Summer 4 Colors (1 count)
    Mixed Plant Leaves - New Summer 5 Colors (100 count)
    Plant Leaves - Leaf Green (100 count)
    Plant Leaves - Dark Olive Green (100 count)


Weeds are now available in MediumTan and Tan now! Sold in individual bags and in a NEW Weed Mix pack!

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