altBricks attends Brickfete in Toronto Canada – Success!

I had a great time at Brickfete this year!  Every time I go down to Canada I get to know the folks down there better and better.  The trains layouts where great! Awesome MOCs across the board.  I got to run the dirty Brickster twice. The French Canadians know how to give great secret gifts. I even won the furthest traveled prize; a giant LEGO airplane set that barely fit (wait for it).... on the airplane! 🙂   And LarryP is a great auctioneer, but if you haven't heard ChrisM do this its a blast.  He knows how to make the "A" in AFOL count!  I managed to out bid everyone (including Abner and Janey) for a set of 3 giant 1x1 plates that rumor has it once adorned the front gates of LEGOland Billund.  Now they are in my LEGO man cave!  Last but not least JamieB (world famous LEGO designer) gave a great talk on the LEGO design process and showed a series of "design studies" of his latest selling model.

Thanks Janey for keeping the "F" in the AFOL convention!


PS no more discussions about health care! 😉

hospitol with trees

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