About Us

About Us

altBricks started in 2012 selling Fall color leaves.  We expanded the product line to carry more leaf colors; summer, winter, spring. We also found that the folks at Brick Conventions love “kits” (more than bulk items), so we created the tree kits for each of the leaf categories.

Following the leaf products altBricks released several alternate architectural elements, columns, arches, decorative pieces etc.  And a few train and military related elements.

At the end of 2013, altBricks teamed up with Tommy at Brick Engravers to offer a series of Street Sign Kits.  We ran a Kickstarter project and funded over 600% ! We knew we had something!  Now altBricks sells 5 different Street Sign Kits… Thanks to all the supporters!

In 2014 we spent a lot of time behind the scenes designing a cost effective way to make a mold for both metal and plastic LEGO compatible train track in four different radii.  We are on hold with our plans until we see how the ME Bricks Kickstarter project and products support the community.

In 2014 we are now focusing on releasing variations on the leaf products.  We are thinking about a small leaf and a couple symmetrical style leaves for smaller trees or used as internal infrastructure for larger trees!   We are also working on a set of elements for “brick” and “lap siding” model needs… more to come in the future!


Steve Barile

Meet Our Team

  • Steve Barile

    I started building and designing in 1997 after rediscovering LEGO 9v Trains! I was an instant convert and soon after abandoning N-gauge for L-gauge, I co-founded PNLTC, one of the first LEGO train clubs in North America. In 2001 BricWorx was my first LEGO related businesses where we designed and sold custom trains and train instructions. My most proud moment Continue Reading